Traffic Exchanges that allow Paid To Promote (PTP) websites

ClikWurxMoney recommends the following free manual Traffic Exchange websites to promote your PTP websites.Some PTPs have

a list of sites they allow. Be sure to check that list before adding your PTP link to any traffic exchange.

  • SotukTraffic: 0.5 credits for every page view and 8 seconds timer.

  • CashTravels: 5 seconds timer. 1:1 surf ratio.

  • DonkeyMails: 15 seconds timer. 0.5 credits for every site viewed (1:2 surf ratio).

  • AdHits4U: 7 seconds surf timer. O.75 credits for every site viewed. Supports most paid-to-promote websites.

  • TopSurfer: 15 seconds surf timer pays 0.5 credits and $0.0006 for 75 sites daily. View up to 150 TopSurfer Solo-Ads (if available) and earn $0.003 each. As a free member you can earn up to $0.49 daily. Minimum withdrawal is $10 to PayPal, SolidTrustPay, Coinbase.

  • TrafficSwirl: 6-8 seconds timer. 1 credit for every 2 websites surf ratio. Supports all PTP websites listed here. Earn from traffic exchange and paid-to-click. Get lots of unique traffic. Geo-targeted views. $10 minimum payout to Paypal.

  • EasyHits4U: Over 1 million members. 15-20 sec timer; 1:2 or 1:1 surf ratio. Geo-targeted views. Low $3.00 payout to Paypal and SolidTrustPay.

  • TrafficG: Excellent platform for all PTP sites listed here. 1:1 surf ratio; 12 seconds. Geo-targeted views (USA, Canada, UK, Australia).

  • WebMasterQuest: 1:1 surf ratio, 10 seconds. Geo-targeted views (USA, Canada, UK, Australia). Supports all PTP websites listed here.

Looking for Paid-to-Promote websites? Click here.

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